Valentina Morales M.

Head del Labour Practice

“It is a huge challenge to lead the Labor Area, strengthen it, make it grow and hopefully be a reference of expertise and confidence for our clients, always accompanied by a great team and group of lawyers with whom we work every day to provide excellent service to our clients”

Se unió a M&B

Ciudad natal


Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (2013)


Valentina is currently Head of the Labor Area of our firm. She joined Morales & Besa as an associate in 2014, then she worked in multinational companies in charge of labor issues at regional – Latin American level and later decided to work in the public sector, specifically in the Labor Directorate since 2019.

After her time at the Labor Directorate, she returned to lead the labor team, with an enriched view, both for her experience in external labor consulting, having been part of large multinational companies and especially for her years in public service, in which she served in the Labor Directorate as National Director (S), Head of Labor Relations at the National level and Regional Director of the Eastern Metropolitan Region.

This helped her to develop and learn even more in depth the full circle of norms, relations and labor legality of the country, “I can see things from many points of view, and in all of them I have had to act”.

At Morales & Besa we provide all the opportunities to our lawyers to develop, to carry out a professional career and to continue, permanently improving themselves, as is the case of Valentina.