Myriam Barahona A.


“This has led to the Morales & Besa team being made up of people with different visions, beliefs, ideas and experiences, which we believe has a value in itself,”

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At Morales & Besa the basis for success is our people, teamwork and the key ingredient is diversity. In 2018 we formally established a Diversity Committee, which is integrated by one of our partners, Myriam Barahona, who explains more about it.

This Committee is a space to promote meritocracy and diversity, in its different areas and not only in terms of gender equity, both within our firm, as well as in the legal market in general.

In these years, we have implemented different internal initiatives, such as a telework program prior to the pandemic, workshops on unconscious bias and co-responsibility, but we have also developed activities with clients and friends in order to share best practices on these issues, helping the discussion and implementation of policies on diversity and meritocracy.

Meritocracy has been an essential part of our firm since its foundation, it is one of our fundamental principles and one of the most relevant and present in our daily work. For this reason, we aspire that the best applicants are part of Morales & Besa and can develop here, with no other considerations other than their personal and professional quality.