About us

Morales & Besa was founded in 1992 by a group of outstanding professionals in the areas of corporate, financial and tax law, with the purpose of achieving the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and quality of service. Since then, we have been committed to building a first class firm and providing excellent service.

Our firm seeks, selects and integrates the best legal talent based on their personal merit and skills, to train them in its culture of excellence and teamwork. Many of our lawyers have postgraduate degrees from leading law schools in the U.S. or Europe and have completed internships in renowned foreign law firms.

Most of our lawyers have a Master’s degree in Law, either from international or Chilean universities. Those who have studied abroad have had the opportunity to participate in a foreign associate program, having the option of joining some of the most prestigious law firms.

We are constantly invited and participate in the main international seminars and conferences in the various fields of law, such as those organized by the IBA, ABA and other prestigious institutions.

We have a policy of collaboration with leading law firms around the world, which opens the doors to the exchange of ideas, approaches, knowledge and experience, resulting in innovative solutions.