Always committed to the needs of our clients and to provide them with opportune and excellent advice

Ethics, excellence and meritocracy have been the basis of our business

Core Values

Historically, ethics, excellence and meritocracy have been the basis of our business and what has allowed us to maintain our reputation for more than 30 years. To ensure that each of our associates holds the highest ethical standards in their professional actions, we strongly promote teamwork.

Our firm is committed in obtaining effective results for our clients, who can be sure that the way in which we approach the work is based on the premises of professionalism and excellent service. Likewise, we are at the forefront of international transactions and legal development in Chile, mainly because of our global perspective. This means that our lawyers seek unique and innovative solutions, always considering the impact on the national and international legal scenario.

Build long-term relationships with clients

Client Service

We are tireless in our determination to achieve excellence and effective results for our clients, fulfilling their expectations. The key is to always be available to listen to each client and make a real effort to understand their real needs.

Our firm’s strategy consists on carrying out a rigorous analysis to detect all risks, advantages and benefits for our clients, always focused on achieving the best profitable results for them.

Our team knows how important it is to build long-term relationships with clients, providing them with added value and thus raising their satisfaction. In order to do so, we provide them with in-depth knowledge, extensive experience in complex legal matters, outstanding execution capabilities and adherence to the highest international legal standards.

We support our team reach their full potential by promoting a merit-based culture

Diversity & Inclusion

The foundation for success is our people, teamwork and the key ingredient is diversity. That is how we select and hire the best talent in the legal world and support them to reach their full potential by promoting a merit-based culture, where people are recognized and rewarded for the excellence of their work. We value the day-to-day demands of achieving excellence, so we strive to keep our people motivated in an inclusive and supportive work environment where the differences of each individual are valued and respected.

Diversity is an important part of who we are and that is why we strive to achieve it. Having a diverse and solid team for our clients translates into perspective, innovative thinking and creativity when finding solutions to complex situations.

We own a policy of collaboration with leading law firms around the world

Local Firm Global Outlook

Our policy of collaboration with leading law firms around the world opens doors for the exchange of ideas, approaches, knowledge, and experience, providing innovative solutions.

Most of our team has studied at law schools in the United States or Europe and have worked at prominent law firms as foreign partners. In addition, our teams are dynamic and often include foreign lawyers, as we value not only their ability to offer knowledge and skills, but also their perspective, as cross-cultural understanding is a necessity in international business.

Our global perspective and experience have placed us ahead of local firms in international transactions. Thus, we were the first law firm to advise on the launching of a simultaneous stock offering in Chile (pre-IPO law) and in the United States; the first to structure and place guaranteed securities in the international capital markets; we advised the largest Chilean conglomerate in its ADS and stock placement both in New York and in the Santiago Stock Exchange; and we have been the lawyers of the Republic of Chile in its sovereign bond issues.