Criminal Law

Morales & Besa provides legal advice to natural (individuals) and legal persons (corporates) regarding economic crimes, tax, environmental, cybercrime, money laundering, violation of anti-corruption laws and infringements of intellectual property laws. We provide support for clients both accused of committing a crime, or who have been victims of a criminal offense.

If a person is a victim or has been charged with the commission of a crime, Morales & Besa will take on the defense of our clients’ interests, both in the prior investigation stage before the Ministerio Público and in the trial, known as Juicio Oral (oral trial), before the corresponding Courts with criminal jurisdiction.

Additionally, given the criminal liability that could fall on a legal entity, we advise companies and organizations through the design and implementation of crime prevention mechanisms, anti-corruption programs or policies, and self-regulation and review of due diligence processes, based on the activities of each client and the risks they represent.

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Criminal Law

Agro-industrial products manufacturing and exporting company
We advised a leading company in the manufacture and export of agro-industrial products, in the filing and prosecution of a criminal complaint for the crimes of theft and receiving of products of their property, which concluded with the alternative departure of one of the accused.
Port company
We advise you in the filing and processing of a criminal complaint for the crime of theft of containers of your property, which concluded with a conviction against the person responsible to serve a prison sentence.
Stock Brokerage Firm
We advised them in the filing and prosecution of a criminal complaint for the crime of fraud of which they were victims in relation to the amounts stolen from their bank accounts. The case was concluded with alternative solutions and a sentence of imprisonment for the various defendants.